Self chosen final year project for University degree. 

Brief: To design and create a product that allows users suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis to feel more comfortable and safe when taking their weekly or monthly biological medications. It should increase the user comfort by reducing the amount of pain and fear that the user feels throughout the auto injector injection process. The product should use current scientific methods and technologies, to reduce pain and fear.


Skills: Secondary Research, Primary Research, User Research, Empathy Testing, Product Disassembly, ideation, modelling, CAD, rendering


Semester 1 Development

Research was carried out into possible methods of reducing the pain of injection that could possibly be utilised in a device for patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Research was then carried out into what it would be like to live with RA. 

Investigation was also done into what the injector devices were currently on the market, how they worked and how the user was required to interact with them.

Empathy testing was carried out to help to understand what it is like to use an auto injector whilst suffering from the dexterity issues caused by RA. 

From this is was discovered that devices with a small circumference are hard to hold and that the removal of the cap is very difficult. 

Several devices on the market were taken apart and tested to fully understand how they operate. The devices disassembled included a single use auto injector and safety needles. 

From talking to RA patients who use auto injectors and carrying out a survey the decision was made that a multi use device would more suit the target users needs as it takes up less space than storing multiple single use devices. It also allows for the option to heat the medication before it is delivered using a docking station 

Ideation and concept sketches followed to help to develop a product. This sketches took the form of an iterative design process.

From the ideas created models were then formed to help to understand how the 1ml syringe could be inserted into the multi use device.

Once a final idea had been decide upon it was modelled out of foam to understand user handeling and interactions. 

The product was then developed in CAD to create a realised feasible concept. This then allowed for renders to be created of the concept at its current stage. 

Semester 2 Development